Appearance of lifereform elements between 1920 and 1930 in journal called "Magyar Lányok" (Hungarian Girls)

Balog Beáta


In the research the author examined life-reform elements in the journal, Magyar Lányok, which was for the purpose of preparing young girls for life. Most of this reserch was carried out in the National Pedagogic Library and Museum in Budapest to analyzing the documents, the journal volumes. This magazine existed for young adolescent girls to preparing for life, and gave advice in direct and readable form to ladies who will get married, including the household, decency, heart issues, body care and fashion. The research focuses on the journal’s life-reform elements content, what aspects it appears as dressing, personal care, food and home decor. Are there any foreign links in the journal? Who write most of time in it and in what topic?

Keywords: life-reform, youth magazine, adolescent girls, preparing for life, document analysis

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