Karácsony Sándor, a református értékközvetítő neveléstudós

Bognárné Kocsis Judit


Sándor Karácsony (1891-1952) is one of the most significant teachers who had a great effect on the reformed education. Transmitting the values of the reformation can be seen both in his public and scientific life, his religion means the essence of his life.

His mission is characterized by the union of the reformed faith and creating, which are to glorify God. As Calvin's follower, he feels as a duty to read the Word continuously, to fulfil his tasks in a very high niveau, to deal with his talents consciously and the hard-working and diligent work, for which he gets the spiritual force, the tireless enthusiasm from the religion.

He adopted the principles of the universal priesthood, the Word and its credo to the pedagogy

According to Karácsony the education should be a common work, a life-community, in which the faith of the educator is of great importance. His life philosophy is determined by the self-education, the improving of the social relationship-culture and it is important to him to work as an important member of the society.

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